Dennis Rejcek

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Rev. Dennis Rejcek


wife Kathy

I was born in Hillsboro, Texas. I am a second career pastor. My background is engineering, electrical, maintenance and reliability analyst / maintenance administrator.

I was married in 1984 to my wife Kathy. We have two wonderful children, both married, and two wonderful grandchildren.

I am active volunteer in Emmaus and Epiphany Prison Ministry.  It was on an Emmaus Walk where I answered the call to ministry. I knew that I was being called into to ministry for a long time, but it was through helping others that I clearly saw the vision and answered God’s call. God has blessed me on every step of this journey.

If I were to pick two or three things that, I wanted you to know about me, it would be:

I preach the gospel. I believe we have to make sure that we stand firm on the Word (Bible).  We have to be reading and studying the bible on our own.  Our relationship with Jesus Christ comes for knowing His Word and praying unceasingly.  This is what all relationships are built upon.

I have a passion for outreach. The church is not just a place of worship. We have to be looking for ways to help those in need. We are in ministry with ALL.  People are looking for something; most do not even know what it is.  We are called to be a church who serves the lost, the least, and the lonely.

Come join us in sharing the love of Christ,

                                                                           Reverend Dennis

Music Director

Rolan Garcia

Rolan is a graduate of Tarleton State University and has been a professional musician for over twenty years. He enjoys singing, acting and being a theatre technician. He has been a member of the cast and crew of The Promise in Glen Rose and continues to be a key part in many productions at TSU. Rolan is married to Vanessa and together they have two children, Coleman and Elena.